Users and Permissions

Since some of the early release of Gallery, Gallery has supported multiple users. This allows administrators to give individual and separate users different permissions, based on the administrator's wishes. Admins can give each user his or her own album, or allow certain users to perform certain operations on a certain set of albums.

Managing users in Gallery is extremely simple. When you are logged in as an administrator, simply click "[manage users]" on the main Gallery screen. Here you can add new users, edit existing users, and delete users.

Once you have created some users, you can give the users permissions. If you'd like to give a certain user a certain permission on an album, simply click on "[permissions]" by an album (if it's a top level album), navigate into the album and click "[permissions]" (sub-album or top level album), or select "Permissions" from the drop down box underneath an album (sub-album only). This will bring up a permissions dialog, which you can give certain users permissions for the album.


Gallery's permissions are not inherited. This means that a parent album's permissions are not taken into account when Gallery decides whether a user has access to an album. This is different, for instance, than the Unix permission system, which is inherited.

Also included in the Gallery permissions system, there are 3 psuedo-users that represent groups of users.


Even if certain permissions are set to NOBODY, administrators and album owners will still have access to these functions