The first revision of Gallery 1.x was written by Bharat Mediratta. But it had a terrible user interface, so his friend Chris Smith had to get involved and clean up the user interface to make it useable. Later on, John Kirkland joined the team and added several key features like searching, nested albums and EXIF support.

Many other developers have contributed to the success of Gallery in ways large and small. We try to keep track of the contributors in the AUTHORS file that ships with the Gallery distribution. Here's the contents of the AUTHORS file as of this date:

Adrian Chung		<>
Anthony Moulen 		<>
Ariel Shkedi		<>
Beckett Madden-Woods	<>
Benjamin Sadaba		<>
Bharat Mediratta	<>
Chris Ricker		<>
Chris Smith		<>
Dana Powers		<>
Demian Johnston		<>
Ed Wilts 		<>
Eelco Brolman		<>
Jacob Redding		<>
Jens Tkotz		<>
Jesse Mullan		<>
Joan McGalliard		<>
John Kirkland		<>
John W. Holmes		<>
Joseph D. Scheve	<>
Ken Frank		<>
Markus Illenseer	<>
Matthew McEachen	<>
Rob Lingle		<>
Sammy Spets		<>
Steve Lacy		<>
Dr. Tilman Bubeck	<>
Troy Edwards		<>
Martin Smallridge 	<>
Vincent Furia		<>