The Configuration Wizard

The Gallery configuration wizard is a simple tool to help you configure initial settings for your Gallery. It notifies you of potential errors and makes setting up Gallery easy!

  1. Put your Gallery into configuration mode. Doing this is described on each of the individual installation pages. Pick the one that describes your setup.

  2. Start the configuration wizard by pointing your browser to:

  3. The first page will check for errors that could block you from installing Gallery. If you get all green, you're passing with flying colors! If some tests fail with a warning (i.e. yellow), you're usually OK. However, if some tests fail with "serious warnings," you need to fix them before proceeding

  4. Step 2 will guide you through some Gallery-wide settings. Finally, step 3 allows you to set default settings for new albums (this does not affect already created albums; see FAQ C.34).

  5. The last page (step 4) shows you what your config.php file will look like after you save it. It will also prompt you to fix any errors in the previous steps (e.g. bad album path or missing values). If everything is set correctly, you can click "Save Config."

  6. Once your configuration has been saved, you must secure your Gallery. Here's how you do it for each OS/setup pair

    • Unix/Shell - Run the script, located in your main Gallery directory

    • Unix/FTP - Chmod the files listed below:

              chmod 644 .htaccess
      	chmod 644 config.php
      	chmod 400 setup

    • Windows - Run the secure.bat script, located in your main Gallery directory

  7. Enjoy your newly installed Gallery! The default username is admin and the password is what you specified on step 2 of the config wizard.