Installing on a Unix/Linux Server with FTP


If you are upgrading from a previous version of Gallery, please see the Upgrading Guide.


Gallery 1.x requires certain programs to be installed before it can work correctly. For information on how to install these programs, see the installing required programs guide.

Once unpacked (unzipped), you should have a directory called gallery that contains most of the files and directories required. Now you're ready to install your Gallery:

  1. Create two blank files in your favorite editor,(i.e. Notepad, Note Tab, Editplus, Crimson Editor, pico, vi, emacs, joe, etc..).

    Call one .htaccess and the other config.php. Place these inside the Gallery directory.

    Upload the Gallery directory to your server using an FTP program (like WS_FTP, CuteFTP or Fetch). Upload all files except for image files in ASCII mode. Upload image files in binary mode. Keep the directory tree intact—you should see 12 folders INSIDE the Gallery folder if you have your albums folder inside Gallery, as well as the php pages that go together to run your Gallery site.

  2. Create a directory on your webspace called albums.

    Gallery will use this directory to store the albums you create and the images you upload to those albums. This directory can reside inside the Gallery directory or outside the Gallery directory - your choice. Make note of where you create this directory.

  3. You need to set permissions to make some of the files and directories writable. This involves using the CHMOD command. If you do not understand CHMOD, there are some resources and information listed at Chmod as follows:

         chmod 777 albums (this is the album dir created in step 2)
         chmod 666 .htaccess
         chmod 666 config.php
         chmod 755 setup/ (setup/ is a directory)

  4. Run the configuration wizard, as described in this guide.

  5. Enjoy your new Gallery!